Stop Schmearing, just for now

To keep our team safe when sending out your mustards and help our country focus on what's really important, Willa and I have suspended our website except for gift card sales. Please stay safe during this challenging time.

Last week we closed our airport location to keep our staff and guests safe. Today, we are closing our mustard operation until it's safe to resume.  Maybe it'll be a few weeks, maybe a few months but until then, we want everyone to stay in and stay safe.  

This will pass and a brighter day will dawn.  People are suffering hardships and we are not minimising that.  There are too many tragedies to even begin to express adequate sympathies.  However, there are also heroes among us who are showing the best of humanity in a time of global crisis.  For example, our healthcare workers put themselves in the line of fire every day. 

Thank you to everyone for doing their part, large and small for our community, our country and humanity in general.  We're all in this together.  Maybe that's one of the lessons/reminders here: the interconnectedness of life is true. I'm full of hope that from the depths of a human crisis, good can come.